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Saul Sandoval


Saul Sandoval Saul Sandoval is an illustrator who specializes in creative ideas for story development relating to animation. Saul received his BA in Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship from the University of North Texas. He continued his education in San Francisco, completing his Masters at the Academy of Art University, with a concentration in Animation and Story Development.

Pushing essential content toward a story's theme is noted in all aspects of an animation's pipeline which is where Saul shines the brightest as an artist. Current projects are a children's book covering the importance of health and fitness, a 2-D art exhibition in San Antonio for April 2016, as well as an animated short film. Saul is available for hire for all related positions: Storyboard Artist, Character Designer, and Illustrator.

His art may be found at www.sandovalportfolio.com.